New Beta5 is available!

New firmware 2.52 beta5 is available now!

Major changes:

-fixed problem introduced in beta4 with SBUS single input  (not diversity).

-Added new statistics Watt*hour/kilometer (or mile)

-Improved current calibration with micro adjustment option

-fixed rounding error (-1%) for path travelled.

-Runway name extended to 3 characters

-servo unparking (and first initialisation after startup) is performed from parking position and with proper speed.


New Beta4 is available!

New firmware 2.52 Beta4 is available for all users.

There are two main functionalities added:

  1. RC diversity with two options available: Two CPPM receivers or  SBUS and CPPM receivers. Diversity increases system reliability and fault tolerance.
  2. Configurable low pass filtering for Aux outputs, and  pitch/roll  output (mixer) for Aux outputs. This reduces RC noises impact on camera pan/tilt  and allows to build simple/cheap servo gimbal (stabilisation) for video camera.

Note: This Firmware is not an official release yet and may have some bugs and do not work properly. Use it on your own risk.

As usual firmware is available from Download menu.

2.52beta3 is available!

Firmware 2.52 BETA3  is available.

  • New feature in OSD layout: minimap with airplane position relative to base
  • Fixed bug in FPV_manager: latest changes in Google maps API causes former application to hang in Map page.

(No changes in Autopilot and GrounStation firmware).

Some people asked me to do OSD control to show airplane position relative to base. Just to know that airplane is north or west from base. Of course groundstation shows it on map screen, but OSD don’t. Eventualy I’ve decided to build such functionality in version 2.52bta3.
For this purpose I have extended existing “back to home” control, which shows runway (base) position relatively to airplane. Now, with new property [x] airplane location this control may show airplane position relatively to base (operator), like on paper map (north is up, and base is at the center).

Arrow icon shows airplane position relatively to base (center point), on picture above airplane is south-west. Arrow direction shows airplane course. On picture airplane flies north-west.


Firmware 2.5x is compatible with all OSD boards (v2.0, v2.1, v2.2 and v2.3).

Firmware 2.5x is compatible with all autopilot boards (v2.0, v2.1 and v2.2).

Firmware 2.5x is compatible with all Ground Station boards (v1.0 and 1.1).

Note: This is the last firmware version that will be compatible with OSD boards v2.0 and 2.1.
All future major releases will work only with board v2.2 and v2.3 (produced and sold since July 2013).

The FPV_manager can be used to determine the version of the OSD board if you are using bootloader version 1.2 or later. In the FPV_manager, hardware version 2 means v2.2, and value 3 means v2.3. Any other value (0 or “unknown”) means boards v2.0 or v2.1.


Figure 13 – FPV_manager with hardware and bootloader version

Alternatively, during OSD startup when using firmware 2.50, the hardware version is presented on the screen regardless of the bootloader version. The text (hw 2) means v2.2, (hw 3) means v2.3  and the text (hw 0) means boards v2.0 or v2.1.


Figure 14 – OSD screen during startup with firmware 2.50

New firmware 2.52 beta1 is available

New firmware 2.52 beta1 is available for all testers.

Although we do our best to make this version free of bugs, this is still not stable version, but beta/test version for those who want to take some risk and test it with their equippment.  We appreciate any feedback from your tests and flights.

Download ZIP file  with firmware and short  manual from here:  Firmware 2.52 beta1

This firmware is compatible with all OSD/Autopilot/GroundStation boards (this same compatibility as firmware version 2.50).

At any time user may flash this version to his devices and then  after tests flash back previous stable 2.50/2.50a  version  (available on www/ webpage) without loosing any existing settings.

Although new version will keep all existing settings, for safety reason we recommend to make settings backup for all devices  before upgrading firmware to version 2.52.


Final release 2.50 is ready!

After long time of hard work final release 2.50 is ready for download on Pitlab’s web page:

I would like to thank the many people who participated in this version. Thanks to all of those who shared their fresh ideas and insisted on building them into our system. And thanks as well to the beta testers who risked their own valuable airplanes in order to stabilize the version and prove it works as expected – like Pompecukor and Zbipok to name only the most active testers.
Special thanks to my beloved wife, who not only tests each new feature during her FPV flights, but bears patiently my long working hours and all those phone calls from users.
Thank you all for the kind words about our system and support, which gives me incredible power for work on new features.
Many thanks to Bruce (xtrmtrk) who prepared beautiful manuals and translated them from my pidgin English into beautiful American English.
So enjoy the new version. Be safe. And be Free!

New release candidate 2.50rc3 is ready!

New release candidate 2.50rc3 is ready for download:

download 2.50rc3

Changes in OSD:

  • improved zero calibration for ET airspeed sensor
  • Removed  5 digit (99999) limit for distance field display. Now after 99999 (meters of feets) OSD will display kilometers or miles with one decimal pont (e.g 123.4) .
  • Bug fixed in LOS display for distances more than 50000 meters

Changes in Autopilot:

  • In SBUS input mode  conversion for output PPM allows for extended PPM range (+/-135%), and respects EPA settings.
  • After startup AP moves rudder to the right for 0.5sec also in V-tail.
  • Minor changes in altitude keeping algorithms, for low altitudes and landing

No changes in GroundStation.

Changes in FPV_manager:

  • Logs from GroundStation were truncated after 2h40min
  • Bug fixed for displaying distances more than 60.000meters