New version 2.62rc2 is ready

New version 2.62rc2 (release candidate 2) is ready for download – link for download is as usual on the left menu.

In this release some bugs are fixed:

  • sometimes OSD overlay disappears for a short moment.
  • Editing RC monitor in one layout may destroy settings for monitor on other layout.
  • Wind course from pixhawk was reversed (180 degree)
  • FPV_manager stores wrong altitudes to OSD when “Altitudes above” is set to “ground”

And some new functionalities are added:

  • New options for user A2 input (pulse high time, pulse low time , period, freqency, duty)
  • Added chackbox [x] always celsius in temperature field for some countries where imperial units  are in use except temperature (e.g. UK, India, Austrailia, New Zeland)
  • Automatic wake-up and re-initialisation of GPS in case of GPS errors during flight
  • Added option [x]elevation in variometer field which shows current airplane elevation and  current glideslope.
  • Option to show consumed Wh (watt-hours) instead of mAh in battery capacity field
  • Option [x] mute sound in variometer field
  • Waypoint maximum altitude extended up to 2500 meters
  • Autopilot’s maximum altitude limit for autonomous flight extended to 2500 meters
  • Added throttle management in takeof functionality (cut off or limit throttle on ground and enable throttle after acceleration/speed detected), for hand lanuch of flying wing or  catapult launch
  • Added advanced altitude RTH/RTR mode  with 3 defineable steps (initial circling up, flight level, flight down)
  • Added option for alternative elevation service in FPV_management (in case of slow main server response)

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