Some comments about our system published on RCGroups forum.

chileflora: The best AP is the one which consistently brings your plane back safely. And yours does it!

bmw111: Zbig, Pitlab, thank you for creating and supporting what I consider now the absolute best, cutting-edge fixed-wing OSD. I had my maiden flight today with both the Pitlab and a MiniTalon and I am beyond impressed. I’ve had at least four EagleTree Vectors over the last few years and Pitlab is so far beyond the Vector it’s not even close. I don’t necessarily mean the features such as routing, takeoff support, ILS landing, auto landing (which we know ET will never release in the U.S. because of liability concerns), but the stabilization is just so much better, so solid, my MT felt like it was on literal rails.

Pompecukor: My short answer is, go ahead and order, you will be 110% satisfied with your stated requirement

xtrmtrk:  I’ll make the offer to you that I’ve made to others, if you try the PitLabs system and don’t like it, if it’s in like-new shape, I’ll happily buy it off you for what you paid for it.

Frisk151: Pitlab’s customer service and features are second to none.. Just ordered another Auto Pilot / OSD, buddy flights and antenna tracking gimbal. I plan on purchasing at least 3 more in the coming month for my other planes.  (…) And you are exceptional at implementing awesome features, Zbig!

Rufio: Absolutely the best service and development ever !!! (…) I can not imagine to use other manufacturer/solutions not least because the highest quality service. Other solutions like APM or PixHawk that I have always have some issues and no help, no replacements. Never again will use cheap stuff for plain worth a lot of money and safety reasons.

Pierre Diatta: The incredible landing has been done following my flight track pitlab ILS and it was absolute perfect to bring arcraft on the beggining of track. When i saw the glider i finished flight on real view . After landing i found an aircraft and caméra soaked at the limit to be frozen!!

Plohish: Well done! You are the best manufacturer in terms of quality, responsiveness to the requests of customers, innovation.

Ridgewalker: What other flight controller manufacturer would listen to a request from a user and in just over an hour respond as you see quoted above………..none.  Your attention to user requests surpasses your competitors without a doubt!  Good job PitLab,keep up the good work

Titof: What can i say….. wonderful !! (…) Thanks for great AP !

Jcabetas: Your system has evolved much more than the rest on the last months; sincerely, I’m impressed of your hard work.

Nietzsche: Yeah, I figured it out, thank you! Amazing!! Almost all default settings & everything works! It’s like I had hired a pilot to fly my airplane for me. Thank you, ZBig & Peter you guys really made an AutoPilot like no other…

Frisk151: Sell all your old obsolete auto pilots & OSD’s and come enjoy Pitlab if you haven’t already!

KillerbeanNL: Just wanted to say that i am very impressed with the pitlab osd+ap. Usually i only speak if there are problems.
But i recommend pitlab to all of my friends.
Its an amazing system.
Thanks guys !

gt40driver: I tried to fly again today and carried out a range check this time. I found that after about 20m the signal failed.
I have found a problem with the EzUhf transmitter, a replacement is on its way. I feel happier now I have found
the problem. So the Pitlab system did indeed save the day by going to failsafe and flying the aircraft and landing
it undamaged. Another reason to buy the best.