Minimum FPV set

OSD FPV Kit   (OSD, keyboard, GPS and current sensor)  together with third party PAL or NTSC camera and audio/video transmission devices  foms simplest but powerfull FPV set allowing on-screen presentation of navigation data  necessary for manual flight, as well as control of battery state.

FPV System for autonomous flight

FPV System Kit (OSD, keyboard, Autopilot, GPS, current sensor) together with third party PAL or NTSC camera and audio/video transmission devices  makes advanced system for FPV flight, not only presenting navigation information  on video screen, but also offering stabilization during manual flight as well as all phases of autonomous flight: takeoff,  routes or waypoints and autonomous landing.

FPV Ground Station controller

Ground Station Controller is a powerfull devidce with LCD touch screen. It has got two channel diversity A/V switch based on video signal quality, telemetry decoder, SD card log and tracking antenna controller.  It works with OSD or complete FPV  System and do not require any additional devices (e.g modems) except standard A/V conncetion from one or two receivers.

FPV Tracking antenna

FPV tracking antenna is a must-have device for long range flights. Controlled by GroundStation nad with directional AV antenna installed (like patch, biquad, crosshair, Helical or Yagi) can track position of airplane during flight, always giving maximum signal possible. With typical A/V set (e.g. Fox800, Lawmate etc) video receiving range easily excess 20 kilometers.

Additional accesories

Temperature sensor is dedicated for those who want to fly at high altitude. It  is always wise to know outside temperature to avoid moisture condensation or even icing when flying at high altitude.

This temperature sensor is immune to strong RF signal (from AV transmitter) and perfect for FPV System

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