First release candidate 2.62rc1 is ready!

First firmware  2.62rc1 with status “release candidate” is ready for download.

Release candidate means that all functionalities are completed and tested, and all known bugs are fixed.  If no new bugs were discovered this version may become oficial release.

In this release:

-In OSD menu Service->GPS settings there is a new option GSP status, which shows detailed status of GPS. This option may be inoked also during flight.

-bug fixed in channel monitor, which also disturb wind assistant measurements.

-Added new RC channel monitor option for “centered” percentage indicator  with range  -100%….100%  and zero at 1500 microseconds.

-Waypoint list  for APM/Pixhawk shows now altitudes with proper type icon  (relative, terrain or above sea level)

-bug fixed with too long post -flight info  delay.


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