Android   FPV Tracker is a third party application working with GroundStation or OSD through Bluetooth connection.

Application is available on Google Play shop with quarterly subscription. Link here.

Click here for manuals in PDF format:
– english (EN)
polski (PL)

The application allows to:
– show current position of an airplane on a satellite map,
– define waypoints for OSD,
– display traveled route,
– show your current position and a distance to the airplane,
– display flight parameters.



Do you fly on long distances and want to know where is your airplane? Do you want to track traveled route? With the FPV Tracker app it’s simple.

Emergency landing away from the base? Finding your airplane with the app will be easy. The FPV Tracker shows on a satellite map both your position and the position of your airplane. It also displays the distance between you and the airplane.

Do you plan an autonomous flight? Thanks to the FPV Tracker you can easily define waypoints. Mark at the map places you want to visit and send them to OSD.