Firmware 2.62beta9 is ready!

After many tests and response from beta-testers new firmware 2.62beta9 is ready.

-Faster autopilot’s response  to mode change.
-Faster throttle response to AUTO mode change.
-Mountain mode initial circling radius is set to 100m  (can be changed during circling by rudder stick)
-Fixed bug in course to base indicator for APM/Pixhawk
-Automatic magnetic course selection for APM/Pixhawk
-Fixed bug in symbolic RC channel names recognition (throttle/pitch/roll)  for APM/Pixahwk
-In waypoint list now OSD presents azimuth/distance to next waypoint for APM/Pixhawk (like in MissionPlanner)
-Added option for clearing inactive buddy flight positions
-Added information about all buddy flight GPS positions  (in BuddyFlight submenu)
-Faster buddy flight position refresh
-zoom submenu moved into layout


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