New firmware 2.62rc3 is ready!

New firmware is ready with some bug fixed and new features added:


  • Added message MAVLINK_MSG_ID_GPS_RAW_INT in OSD telemetry output with number of satellites.
  • Added option OSD menu->GPS settings->HDOP to set minimum HDOP value required for store base.
  • Added option for horizon (pitch/roll: AHRS_TRIM_X  and  AHRS_TRIM_Y) correction  for mavlink FC
  • Added support  for BATT_LOW_VOLT  settings
  • Added option for store trims in mavlink FC
  • Changed GPS protocol:  Removed GSV (satellites in view) message. This message may cause problems with UART communications when GPS is tracking extensive number of satellites (GPS+Glonass+Galileo)
  • Removed satellite status submenu (due to GSV message removal)
  • Removed DEMO submenu


  • removed bug with Minimum GPS speed settings (multiplied by 3)
  • Added safety feature: when AP is powered up with throttle stick up (above 1100 microseconds) AP will keep throttle output low (and other channels neutral) until  user moves throttle stick  down (below 1100us)


  • Removed problem with maps in Windows 8 (browser compatibility)


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